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We offer a variety options in technology for telemedicine.

Realistic Synthetics Line

The synthetic line from Csanmek Tecnologia was developed to enhance the education of medical students and other healthcare professionals with more realistic anatomical models of the human body.

Through anatomical models of the human body, it is possible to simulate sutures, punctures, incisions, and have a closer sensation to a real patient care, allowing for necessary training.

Check out the demonstrative videos of our synthetic line and our products below.

Synthetic Anatomical Models

Anatomical Torso Model

Dissection of the Torso Anatomical Model - In practice

Incision in the Torso Anatomical Model - In practice

Discover our realistic anatomical simulators

Skin Simulator for Suture

Hyperrealistic skin simulator for training with the possibility of sutures, knots, incisions and surgical stitches.

Recommended for students of medicine, veterinary medicine and other health courses.

It has a consistency very similar to the skin with three layers, epithelial tissue, adipose tissue and muscle tissue and the possibility of superficial or deep incisions.

Surgical Suture Arm

Synthetic arm for human surgical suturing has the maximum realism of real skin, with the texture and flexibility of a real arm.

It has more than five defined cuts, making it possible to make more wounds later. The wounds expose layers of skin, muscle and fat.

It presents a cut with bone exposure and rupture of veins and arteries, allowing students to see and touch every detail of the wound.

Enables learning about incisions, sutures of veins and arteries, removal of sutures, and identification of fascia tears with sutures and cuts with muscle tears.

Puncture Arm

Synthetic puncture arm is a hyperrealistic piece for training in medicine, nursing and other health courses, with the aim of collecting blood and administering liquids (injections).

This realistic simulator has an artificial material structure, simulating human skin with almost 100% accuracy with the texture of real skin, using the bone points as a guide for the study in question.

The artificial skin and veins are removable, so hundreds of needle applications (injections) can be performed before changing the veins or skin.

The simulator has: radial artery, cephalic and basilic veins, intermediate forearm and dorsal metacarpal veins.

The product comes with an artificial blood bag and support base. It has the possibility of more than 500 punctures.

Human Belly Simulator with Stab Wound

Human belly (abdomen) with knife/blade weapon wound (FAB).

Contains all the necessary parameters for classes/tests in the medicine, nursing or other health courses.

It is produced with the maximum realism of real skin, the artificial material has the texture and flexibility of a real belly, and the knife/blade weapon wound should expose the layers of skin, muscle and fat, making the students see and touch every detail of the wound.

The belly contains a belt, which students or teachers can wear and adjust their positioning for simulations of pre-hospital care for stab/blade wounds, and also understand the kinematics of the trauma.

Ultrarealistic Synthetic Leg Simulator

The Leg for human surgical suture presents the maximum realism of real skin with good texture and flexibility.

It presents defined cuts, with the possibility of more cuts, exposing layers of skin, muscle and fat, showing rupture of veins and arteries.

This simulator is ideal for surgical sutures, incisions, suturing veins and arteries, removing sutures, tearing fascia and suturing cuts with muscle tear, breaking veins and practicing different points.

It allows incisions in any position or direction and numerous times without damaging the part, as well as the technique of introducing a needle into the bone marrow cavity, enabling access to venous circulation through the infusion of liquids and medications into the medullary cavity and technique of intraosseous puncture.

The simulator also allows venous dissection to train the student in this procedure.

Breast Simulator

The breast simulator has a realistic appearance and can be used for any undergraduate program or healthcare professional. The nodules are separated by removable modules.

The Breast Simulator enables the student to develop clinical examination techniques, breast self-examination, communication between the doctor and the patient, identify anatomical points, lymph nodes and diagnose pathologies.

The simulator takes into account the density of breast tissue, tumors of varying sizes and shapes (round, oval, irregular, star-shaped).

The breast has a strap, where students or teachers can adjust its positioning, being used in the position lying on the back or standing up.

Head Simulator

The hyper-realistic synthetic head simulator allows access to the skin, dermis and epidermis, access to muscles, access to veins and arteries in the region.

It enables suture techniques, minor surgeries, invasive and non-invasive aesthetic procedures, among others.

Advanced Anatomical Simulator Elderly Model

It has all the tissues, muscles, fascia, arteries, veins, nerves, used as a simulator for procedures on the face, surgical simulation or anatomy class with simulations of specific anatomical cuts, always with the layers in evidence.

Canine Simulator – Canine Paws

Given the growing importance of simulation methodologies in veterinary courses, Csanmek developed canine paws with a reality closer to practice in mind. The realistic artificial material has the texture of skin, muscles and bones like a living animal.

The students’ greatest difficulty is developing techniques with animals in formaldehyde, as the anatomical piece changes its consistency and color. For venipuncture, students practice on pelvic limb veins to train intramuscular routes, saphenous and femoral veins, as well as the front paws with the cephalic vein.