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We offer a variety options in technology for telemedicine.

3D Platforms – Veterinary Medicine


Composed of the most complete line of Veterinary Atlases, equipped with a modern electromechanical lifting and tilting system for height adjustment and positioning (vertical and horizontal), this model has the most advanced technologies in its configuration, a powerful DICON server with Lightweight and easy-to-understand interactive layout, high-performance processor, 65-inch Mult-Touch Screen and 4K Professional Monitor, providing dynamic visualization of anatomical structures, as well as visualization of CT and MRI images in 3D, allowing reconstruction 3D, which makes it possible to use the equipment in related disciplines, such as physiology, histology, clinic, surgery, pathology, inspection, with the increase of linking knowledge from the different areas that are currently covered in different phases of the course and bringing them together in a more didactic and connected.


This model arose from the needs highlighted by our customers to obtain equipment at an affordable cost, but of course without compromising on quality. After studies and research, we arrived at the PLE-02 model, with the same characteristics as its predecessor, but with a difference in its assembly. We study our client and their facilities in depth, based on this assessment we present a lean model that will serve them at the moment. The PLE02 Multidisciplinary Platform is made up of a modern structural body that is easy to move around, a 65-inch Mult-Touch Screen and a 4K Professional Monitor. It has a robust server in its configuration, which qualifies it for future updates and upgrades, thus monitoring gradually evolve our customers.


Platform aimed at targeted study and in small groups, perfect use for active methodologies in tutorials. Composed of a 65-inch Mult-touch screen and 4K Professional Monitor, a modern compact and robust mini server with high power in image processing, a complete line of Human Atlas and Histology and Pathology Slides, allowing students to carry out an evolutionary and case comparison.